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Every local business has different marketing challenges and I will bet that BubbleLife Connect has a couple of features that could help you get new customers. Please take a minute and see how a local contractor in Lakewood has utilized BubbleLife Connect to increase his revenues.

“My best leads come from using BubbleLife Connect. The lead quality was better using BubbleLIfe than Google AdWords, and much less expensive.” -Chris Black | CB Construction”

BubbleLife Connect Case Study:  CB Construction

Chris Black is the owner of CB Construction, a small boutique design build construction firm that implemented BubbleLife Connect to reach more customers locally.  

Our first step was to set up BubbleLife Connect to handle his email marketing and social media marketing. His BubbleLife team provided a white glove setup to export his current email list from Constant Contact into BubbleLife Connect. His Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts were connected to BubbleLife Connect for easy access to posting and automated scheduling. These few time-saving steps eliminated logging in to multiple accounts.

CB Construction also adopted BubbleLife Connect’s lead management system feature to collect interested customers’ contact information in one place for follow up. The lead can be assigned, tagged and added to CB Construction’s email list to receive Black’s monthly newsletter.

To attract new clients, CB Construction’s marketing assistant writes one article per month on specific remodeling topics or highlights a customer’s before and after experience. Using BubbleLife Connect, articles are simultaneously posted to for local PR and CB Construction’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. In addition, the article is emailed from BubbleLife Connect directly to his database to stay in front of past clients for referrals or additional work. This process takes about five minutes to complete.

By using BubbleLife Connect, his marketing assistant can easily maintain a consistent formula of local PR to social media, and his email list. CB Construction has been able to stay in front of new potential clients and past clients for referrals. The lead management database feature has kept his sales pipeline in good order for new business and future business. Nothing falls between the cracks.

CB Construction has seen outstanding results from following this method consistently for three years and has seen not only more leads, but better quality leads, which have resulted into multiple conversions and increased revenues.

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