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While many are cyber shopping today, you may be wondering how you can increase your holiday business. 'Tis the season and people are busy — how are you reminding customers about your business during the holidays?

For $99 BubbleLife will help you!  

  • Put an ad in your BubbleLife Daily Newsletter. $99 gives you coverage for an entire month!  
  • Create the ad yourself now by clicking here. It takes five minutes.

$99 BubbleLife Advertising is the the easiest and most affordable way to remind locals that you are open for business. Here are the details:

  • A text ad for your business will be emailed out daily in a BubbleLife community email newsletter for one month to our database of local subscribers.
  • Your text ad will alternate equally with other advertisers and will showcase your business as a featured advertiser.

This high exposure ad reaches thousands of people daily in your community and gives you the best opportunity to be seen often and consistently.

  • Remember: If you want to generate word-of-mouth, you have to give people something to talk about. Advertising on BubbleLife is the perfect conversation starter.


  • Your text ad will also be displayed as a featured advertiser on your chosen BubbleLife community news website.
  • Yes, each community has a news website, too! You can see a list of our community news sites here.


  • You have the option of sending us digital online display banner ads to run on the community website for free!
  • Details will be sent to you by email once we have received your text ad.

Online exposure shows off your prominence in the community with a "billboard" in the best location for those browsing.

Why BubbleLife Advertising is a Smart Investment

BubbleLife delivers a unique audience that you won’t find on Google or Facebook. BubbleLife attracts readers with strong passions for their neighborhood and the people most likely to shop and do business with local merchants. Though your local customers may visit hundreds of different websites, the one thing they all have in common is where they live. Nobody brings this audience together better than BubbleLife.

BubbleLife advertising leverages the power of’s delivery of local news — online 24/7 and daily by email to get your business in front of local readers every single day both online and by email.

BubbleLife is the one neighborhood destination where people can find and share their local news. Let them find your business, too. Get started now by clicking here.


Saffie Leedy Farris  | Founder & Publisher •

DFW's Largest Provider of Local News
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Help us build a connected community by inviting your neighbors and friends to BubbleLife. Click here to send an email invitation.


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