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Let me save you some time. Before I give you my full "dog and pony" sales pitch, have your wallet ready.

Take five minutes and create an ad for your BubbleLife Daily Newsletter. It's $99 for one month and is the most affordable thing you can do to remind the community that you are open for business. Do something cutting-edge for your business today and click here to learn more. 

Most feel that print is dead, but advertising alongside neighborhood news has always been a good choice. Mobile devices such as iPhones, smartphones, tablets and iPads are very popular and BubbleLife gets you seen where you need to be seen. Online ads are smart billboards in the best location possible. Having an ad for your business emailed out daily is brilliant!

More than 200,000 people are getting their news from BubbleLife and we have 60 local community newsletters and websites. BubbleLife attracts readers with strong passions for their neighborhood — the people most likely to shop and do business with local merchants. We are the one neighborhood destination where people can find and share their local news. Let them find your business, too.



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