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As a business owner myself, I understand the struggles and frustrations that come with attracting and keeping customers. You worry that people can’t find you when they search Google, whether on their desktop or cell phone through mobile search. What should you do about Google Maps and Apple Maps? Let’s be honest — you’re busy and don’t have time to worry about SEO or figure out your hyperlocal advertising options. Believe me, I have experienced your pain. At the end of the day, you just want customers! 

As most of you know, I am the founder of Local News. Because I experienced the above issues while working with hundreds of local businesses like yours, I merged with Advice Local. This allows me to specialize in helping businesses make smart decisions so they can dominate local search and be seen where consumers go online for their information.

I understand your time is valuable and know that you just need someone to tell you where to start — so I will be the one to do that!

Step One: Identify If Google, Search Engines & Mobile Devices Can Find Your Business

This is simple. The experts at Advice Local have figured this out better than Yext and all the others. 

  • Click this link for Advice Local’s Online Marketing Health Check for your business, which will provide a summary overview of your online visibility. Make sure to check your email to see the full online visibility report.

If I Have Issues, How Do I Fix Them and How Much Does it Cost?

Once again, this is simple. An Advice Local consultant will review your report, customize a plan around your issues, and explain your costs. If you want to proceed, we will do all the work. 

A typical business should plan on spending $500 - $1,000 annually on this step. Considering that search is the default for consumers and being found online is critical to your success, it’s very inexpensive. 

Again, click this link to run your free report. 




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