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I am proud to announce that BubbleLife is now reaching more than 250,000 people. With our recent expansion into Houston, 120 local communities now rely on to find, share and discover the happenings in their local community. Overall, our audience is 64% female, 51% between the ages of 35 -54, 55% with children,and 45% with household incomes over $100,000.

How do you keep your business or organization in the local news?   

BubbleLife makes this very easy with your free version of BubbleLife Connect and I am just reminding you to use it.    

Do you have a promotion, an announcement or event to share? Have you ever considered educating the public on an issue and softly selling your business to solve a problem?    

Local businesses and organizations, from the Dallas Zoo to Ebby Halliday to the YMCA, have already discovered that BubbleLife is a reliable way to connect on a local level.

How to quickly get discovered in the local news:

  • Utilize your BubbleLife Connect account. You have one!
  • Go to and log in at the top right. 
  • Don’t remember your password? Click the “Forgot Password” option at login. 

Once logged in:

  • Click your email address on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Look under SITES and click on yours.
  • Typically, you will land on the “Tools” page. Feeling overwhelmed? Just go with it!
  • Click the “View” link in the blue menu – this is your public online directory listing.
  • Notice how you can bounce back and forth.

Click back to "Tools” – This is your marketing control panel.

  • Look under “Views” and notice that you can “Post an article” or “Post an event.”
  • Pick one and fill out the form to post.
  • Click “Publish” but don’t panic. The post is only is shared on the news section of your directory listing for search engines to find.

Broadcast your news on the “Distribute Your Post” page. 

  • Pay attention to the first tab – It’s your connection to BubbleLife.
  • Select your communities.
  • You can skip the other tabs. (Yes, you can hook in your email list, Facebook account, Twitter account and LinkedIn account to broadcast further.)
  • For now, click complete and then continue.

How do I get approved by the BubbleLife Editors?

It’s easy — we want relevant, interesting local content. We do not want an obvious advertisement about your business or a boring press release.  

BubbleLife Connect is a tremendous free resource to help you get seen in your local news.  Combine this with BubbleLife Advertising and you have a proven local marketing strategy.


Saffie Leedy Farris
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