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Schools have complex marketing needs geared around recruiting, retention and alumni relations — all on a small budget. So where do you invest your marketing budget so it will actually make an impact?  

BubbleLife is offering a tremendous discount for schools to provide a marketing foundation that makes a big impact. Click here for more details.

More than 300,000 people in the DFW area get their local news from BubbleLife because we deliver where consumers spend their digital time — online, in email, on mobile and on social media. We understand that one single marketing tactic is not enough. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is digital exposure important? Online? Email? Mobile? Social Media?
  • Is local PR important?  
  • Do you want your school to be included in the local news?
  • If thousands browsed by your ads daily inside their digital news, do you think they would be reminded daily about your school? Do you think consistent recognition would make an impact?
  • If people read your school news about open houses, fundraising efforts, and teacher and student accomplishments, do you think they might share your news with friends and grow your word-of-mouth impact?

Parish Episcopal, The Alcuin School, Episcopal School of Dallas, Lakehill Preparatory, The Shelton School, Dallas International School, and many others have answered yes to the above questions! They’ve discovered that BubbleLife Local News is the one place they can reliably reach families.

I know that many of your are working on your 2017-18 budget and would like to invite you to talk with Zak Jones, our BubbleLife Account Representative? Here is his calendar. You can select whichever time works best for you, or feel free to call him if you're available at 469-617-4151. 


Saffie Leedy Farris
Founder • is a modern digital newspaper that is read and shaped by individual local communities. With more than 250 community-focused editions, delivers hyperlocal news online, in email and via social media.

The overall audience of BubbleLife breaks down as follows:

  •  Female (62%) with children (50%)
  • Age 35-55 (48%)

  • Income of $100,000 plus (40%)

  • College Educated (52%)

  • Postgraduate Educated (20%)
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