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Social media sites like Instagram may seem like a place exclusively for young people to connect with friends, but more and more businesses are registering accounts and using the site as a platform for gaining new customers.

Instagram, a site that allows users to share photos with those who or subscribe to — or follow — their feed, can be a great marketing tool for businesses. In fact, most businesses, regardless of industry, can utilize their Instagram account to brand their company and connect with existing customers, while reaching out to new ones in the process.

As an easy-to-use platform for posting and interacting with other users, Instagram can be a simple yet valuable asset to a company’s online marketing efforts.

Consistently using Instagram to post photos that feature recent projects, services or products offered, and current sales or promotions keeps a business in front of potential customers, while allowing them to do more than tell their followers about their company. Instead, Instagram allows a business to show its customers what their company is like.

Instagram also provides a way for all companies to go beyond the typical press release or blog post and allows them to get creative with their marketing efforts. Businesses can move past surface level marketing and connect with followers on a more personal level by highlighting employees and customers or showing a behind-the-scenes look at daily operations.

In addition to connecting with potential business, each time a company posts to Instagram, they’ll be creating a visual business history that can be beneficial for future needs like a website or portfolio. 

As another avenue to promote your business to potential customers, explore Instagram for your company and start connecting with your followers!

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