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Writing an article to promote your company: I admit, for an inexperienced writer, the task sounds daunting. How long should I make the article? What do I write? Who wants to read my content? How’s my grammar? You’ve likely had a few of those questions go through your mind when attempting to write for your business or organization, but writing doesn’t have to be a tough, hours-long process. In fact, you can complete a good article in just about 10 minutes. That’s right — 10 minutes. Here’s how:

Keep it short and sweet.
Probably the most important piece of advice for writing an article is to keep it short and sweet. Think about your own reading habits. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s likely that you skim an article to pull out the important details and information that is relevant to you. Keep this in mind as you write, and be sure to include useful, applicable information that will keep readers interested.

Choose a topic based on something a friend or customer would ask.
Writing up a quick explanation of a frequently asked question is a good way to engage potential customers. You’ll be providing relevant content for your readers while also helping them better understand your company.

Write an announcement about your latest project, customer or event.
To keep your business in front of existing and potential customers, keep them updated on your recent projects or events. Did your product successfully help a client? Briefly highlight their experience to help readers gain an understanding of how you can help them, too.

Write about a product you carry or a service you provide.
An easy way to write about your company is to describe a product or service you offer. For example, a flooring company may describe their newest tile sample and the advantages of using that specific product when remodeling. Reach out to readers and remind them to contact you with any questions they have about the product.

Staying consistent with writing will help build your web presence and customer base. Remember, keeping your business in front of existing and potential customers is what’s important about writing, not the length of your article.

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