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Writing fluff content about your business just isn’t enough. For people to read your articles, you have to go beyond the basics of your company and provide informational content directed at your reader.

For example, instead of telling people about the award your business recently won, provide a real-life customer testimonial that demonstrates why your company was selected for the award. Though it is important for potential customers to be aware of your qualifications, once again, show them why you’re qualified by sharing your expertise. If you’re a dentist, don’t just tell readers about your services — share your knowledge with useful information like “How to Get Rid of Bad Breath. Simple Steps to Defeat the Most Common Social Disease.” This is not only more interesting than a parade of awards and education, but also beneficial to the reader.

Without an incentive (a deal or helpful knowledge), readers are highly unlikely to care about what you have to say. You must entice readers with catchy headlines to prompt the initial click. Otherwise, readers will keep scrolling and will miss your message, regardless of its quality.

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