Neighborhood Marketing

Often times, new leads go to an inbox and good customer follow-up must compete with every other email received that day. After you’ve spent all that effort to get a lead, shouldn’t that lead deserve some special attention?

BubbleLife Connect’s lead tracking feature gives you the ability to easily track new leads, their source and their status from one central location. Connect’s lead tracking integrates easily with any source that generates an email.

At the bottom of your Connect leads page is an email address that looks something like this ““. Simply take any web form or other source that generates a lead to your inbox and either use this email address or add it to the list of recipients. Then, your valuable lead is automatically added to your list of leads inside of BubbleLife Connect where you can monitor its status and track overall results. Plus, the lead is formatted and forwarded to each administrator on the BubbleLife Connect.

If you want to improve the formatting of your new leads, you can use a special format for your email that will specify exactly where you want to put your lead information. Use the following format for best appearance:

api: 1.0
name: first last name
email: email address
subject: subject line
phone: phone number
status: choose one of: “open”, “inprogress”, “closed”
lead source: reference info
referral campaign: reference info
referral source: reference info
referral medium: reference info
message: message as enter by the user
additional lines are recorded as a part of the message
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