Neighborhood Marketing

Think about the last time you shared a link through email or Facebook. What was it about? It’s likely that you shared it because you found it interesting and assumed others would, too. Consider this when you write content. Readers are more likely to share information they find helpful, humorous or inspiring. As a local business or organization, you are an expert in your field. Show it by providing interesting, helpful content that will benefit your readers.

Though it’s always a good idea to provide answers or solve a problem for your readers, go beyond this model and include a human-interest angle to your content. Use real life examples to tell the story of how a customer benefitted from your product or services. Your readers will not only read the information, but they’ll also relate to it. This will encourage them to share your content with family and friends, likely via social media.

Finally, this option is probably the simplest and the most obvious way to get people to share your content: just ask. That’s right — ask your readers to share your posts. You’ll be surprised at the response!

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