Neighborhood Marketing

Have your advertising attempts consistently turned in underwhelming results? Have you made changes, but still no luck? Several factors can influence your success.

Reaching the Right Audience:

A luxury car dealer in Frisco, Texas, wants to ensure their advertisements are seen by high-income residents in that city and neighboring communities. They would likely find success by placing ads in local media and online where their potential clients are most likely to be exposed to their message.

You could be reaching the wrong audience by advertising in areas that are not exposing your message to your target audience. Getting your message into hyperlocal, targeted markets could show sharp increases in your campaign effectiveness.

Having the Right Message:

Is your message memorable? Is there a clear call-to-action? Do you provide a solution?

Well-written advertisements tend to be more memorable and encourage people to take action. Ensure that the message you present resonates with your target audience. These tactics will help elicit more response from your advertisements.

Remaining Consistent:

Running a particular advertisement once will not provide you enough data to determine the success or failure of that advertisement.

When creating an advertising strategy, it is important to identify your audience, choose a platform that reaches them, and remain consistent with your advertising.

Some advertising messages may take up to 10 exposures to be absorbed by the customer. Consistency remains key, even when the phone begins to ring.

Don’t let yourself think that advertising doesn’t work for you just because certain tactics have failed in the past. Ensure you are reaching your target audience consistently with a message that resonates well with them.

Interested in Solutions to Reach Hyperlocal Customers?

The BubbleLife platform provides local news to targeted communities. Daily delivery online, in email and via social media provides consistent advertising exposure that will easily turn your business into a neighborhood brandClick here to discover our most popular local advertising plan.

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