Neighborhood Marketing

BubbleLife is a tremendous resource that every realtor should utilize. Getting the word out to the neighbors about your new listing or open house is easy and presently it is free!   So does it get any better than that?   

To help you, we have put together a few videos that will give you step by step instructions:

For The Easiest Way

As you will see from the videos, there is a even a quick way to notify your seller that you are working hard to get his property local exposure! 


For Advanced Users - with a BubbleLife Connect account:


What are BubbleLife's rules on posting for Free

Rule #1:  You may only post to the BubbleLife Community where the property is located. No ifs, ands, or buts!   

Rule #2:  The editors moderate, approve or deny, and make the final decision as to which community your post will be submitted.  

Rule #3:  You may not post the same article/announcement multiple times.  You must have some type of status change

  • Just listed
  • Price reduced
  • Open this weekend
  • Back on the market
  • Hip Pocket, be the first to know..

Get networked into your community and share your real estate listings and open houses on BubbleLife!  

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