Neighborhood Marketing

A good website is now one of the most important things a local business can do to generate new customers. But the definition of a good website is too often that it “looks good” without really understanding how a website functions with customers and the rest of the Internet. Here is a list of the most common problems we find with websites:

  1. Doesn’t ask for and thus doesn’t generate leads
  2. Doesn’t showcase your business to Google and other search engines
  3. Expects the visitor to read the home page
  4. Doesn’t answer common questions (phone number, hours, directions)
  5. Doesn’t tell a visitor why your business is special or different from a customer’s point of view
  6. Attempts to make you look big and impersonal
  7. Appeals to the lowest-profit customers
  8. Has outdated or stale information
  9. Doesn’t work on the iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices
  10. Nobody pays attention to whether the website is up and working

If a website looks good, but doesn’t generate new customers, then it isn’t doing its job. Businesses should expect their website to work as hard as they do in building the business.

Want Your Website to Generate Sales?

If you are interested in turning your website into a great performing website, give us a call.  Our affordable and sales-focused solutions are ideal for maximizing results and minimizing costs. We promise we’ll make it easy.

Jeff is the President and CEO of BubbleLife Media, the publisher of, DFW's largest neighborhood news source, and a leading provider of neighborhood marketing solutions. Jeff has always been a technology entrepreneur including founding and leading one company that ranked 26th on Inc. Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies, held an IPO and sold to McAfee. For more information visit - Contact Jeff at  
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