Neighborhood Marketing 101 -
Blogging for Results

HubSpot, a web marketing firm, recently completed a survey of their 2,500 business customers and compiled the results into some very interesting graphs and reports. The one that struck my attention was the one below:

Clearly, they found a correlation between frequency of blog posts and new customers. But I think there are some other factors that are reflected in this chart that are also driving the correlation. Companies that blog more are also more likely to:

  • Broadcast to Existing Customers- Customers who receive blog posts are more likely to pass the information on to their friends and family. Even though a blog reader is most likely an existing customer, they are also your opportunity to reach their network of contacts if you give them something to pass on.
  • Integrate their Online and In-Store Efforts- Businesses that blog more are also more proud of their blog and more likely to encourage new readers with sign up encouragements.
  • Become Findable in Search Engines - The more content about a business, the more for Google and other search engines to work with.
  • Become Findable in Neighborhood Websites - The more content about a business, the more likely neighborhood readers will see and learn about the business.

Creating and growing a blog take time, but the chart above gives businesses a compelling reason to keep it up. Though it takes some time, a business blog is often the least costly way of growing revenues.

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Monday, 23 August 2010